About Time - We released our first and so far only recording in 1995. Titled "About Time", it contains our usual mix of dance tunes - reels, jigs and polkas - and waltzes. It also features three of our own compositions, two from Don and one from Joe. The recording is currently sold out. You may listen to three of the tracks with the links below. 
13:14   Jigs: Little Burnt Potato, Cowboy Jig
23:17   Reels: Shenandoah Falls, Cold Frosty Morning
33:36   Waltz: Boda Waltz (Swedish)
 Our Compositions - All three Mountain Laurel members have composed music that we and others play; we enjoy the thought of being part of the centuries-old tradition of making up tunes for dancing and plain enjoyment. We recorded three of our tunes on "About Time", and one of Joe's waltzes, "Kind Sister", was published in The Waltz Book (vol 1) and has been recorded by other musicians. 
 History - Mountain Laurel began in 1977 as a larger band called Childgrove that played both English Country dances and contradances with caller Penelope Naumann. Within a year of playing at various venues in south Berkshire county, the band had become settled at the Sheffield Grange, shrunk in numbers and changed its name to Mountain Laurel.

By 1980 Joe was sharing the job of caller with Penelope, but soon Penelope stopped calling dances. Joe became full-time caller, and Bonner and Joe were joined in the band by Bob Johnson on fiddle. Fortune smiled and winked in 1983 when Bonner and Joe, now without a fiddler, ended up working at a wedding job where local fiddler Don MacLean had also been hired to play. It worked out, and the current Mountain Laurel was born.