Mountain Laurel (1995)

Left to right: Joe Baker, Bonner McAllester and Don MacLean
Don MacLean (fiddle) lives in Ancram, NY, where he is an organic grower of fruits and vegetables (see Don's website at, father of two talented daughters, long-term member of the Town Planning Board, Board member of the Columbia Land Conservancy, writer and activist. He likes to spend a lot of time outdoors and makes his own biodiesel fuel.
Bonner McAllester (hammered dulcimer) (also harmonica, whistle, spoons, rattles, mouthparts) lives in Monterey, MA, where she is a naturalist, writer, mother of two talented daughters, teacher and dedicated gardener. Bonner has a major commitment to activism for peace and social justice, and participates in Quaker organizations at local and regional levels. A lifelong singer, she also likes to spend a lot of time outdoors.
Joe Baker (guitar), who is also the caller for the band in addition to playing guitar, lives in Monterey, MA. He was a gamba- and violin-maker for many years but now works as a software and website developer (see Joe is the father of two talented daughters, a community organizer, landscape painter (see some work:, birder and farmer. He also likes to spend a lot of time outdoors and cuts and splits mountains of firewood every year.
The question is: how many daughters are there?